Tuesday, 11 May 2010

C4P Import to Encase enscript and Lost Files

Many C4P users experience problems when importing bookmarks back into Encase from C4P. A common problem is that files bookmarked in Unallocated Clusters don't match up to actual picture data. Almost always the cause of this problem is that the user has run the Recovered Folders process in Encase after running the C4P Graphics Extractor enscript thus altering the amount of unallocated clusters (as calculated by Encase). Trevor has a two page pdf on the C4P website addressing all the potential issues.

I have noticed another problem. A large number of my notable files are in Lost Files. Lost Files in Encase on an NTFS volume are files that have an MFT entry but their parent folder has been deleted. It is possible to have a number of files in the virtual Lost Files folder that have the same file name (and path). In my current case where I have duplicate file names in Lost Files the C4P Import enscript has not always bookmarked the correct file, bookmarking another file with the same name and path instead. This is sometimes further complicated by the incorrect file being deleted and overwritten.

The symptoms of this problem are easy to detect. Viewing your C4P import within the Encase bookmarks tab in gallery view results in a number of pictures not being displayed. When checking the bottom pane in text view you see that the bookmarked data for the non displaying pictures does not relate to a picture. Alternatively the picture you see does not relate to the C4P category it should be. To review this I am currently selecting (blue ticking) all non displaying pictures or wrongly bookmarked pictures and then tagging these selected files. Having done this in Entries view I am sorting by selection (blue tick) then highlighting a blue ticked file, then sorting by name. This brings all the other files with the same name together in Entries view. I am then checking the others to find the file that was meant to be bookmarked.

The underlying problem is a small bug in the C4P Import v2 enscript. Trevor has now kindly fixed it for me and will no doubt circulate the revised script. However in the meantime to fix the script

Find the following file in the import script folder: ..\include\ProcessReportClass.EnScript

In there, find the following function:

EntryClass FindByFullPath(ImportRecordClass irc, CaseClass c)

It’s a short function, only eight lines – highlight them, and replace with the following:

EntryClass FindByFullPath(ImportRecordClass irc, CaseClass c){

EntryClass e = c.EntryRoot();

e = e.Find(irc.DeviceName + "\\" + irc.Path);


if(e.PhysicalLocation() == irc.PhysicalLocation)

return e;


return null;



return null;


Save and update.

HTH someone :)

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