Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Stumbled across a lot of these webpages recently within Temporary Internet Files. After a bit of testing it seems they originate from Windows Live Hotmail when the client is the Classic Version (as opposed to the full version). They appear to be read hotmail email messages and may be only partially viewable within the documents view within Encase. Browsers may struggle to display any (or all) of the contents also due to the embedded scripting. In my test email the main message body was not displayed although most other elements of the email were. I have found some pages that have this problem and some that don't. I think newer versions of Windows Live Hotmail are susceptable.

It seems ajax and some javascript is responsible and stems from Hotmail converting HTML markup into ASCII (more here) The coding contains a function getElementById and the body of the message is contained within an innerHTML property. I am actively looking for workarounds - suggestions welcome.


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