Monday, 10 November 2008

HP QuickPlay version 2.3

A HP media centre laptop came through our lab recently. Its main OS was XP Media Center edition. However it appeared to have another XP OS installed on a separate 1GB partition. This was a case where the suspect was suspected of hiding stuff and regularly re-installing his OS to cover his tracks - so this second OS was of interest.

Encase listed three partitions

Mounting the drive PDE and looking at the disk in Disk Management showed

The Windows Initialise case module reported the following for the OS on the 1GB partition

The 1GB partition has a Partition Type of D7

A quick google began to throw some light on the matter. It seems that the laptop has HP Quickplay 2.3 installed. This technology allows users to access multimedia disks without booting into the main operating system. The version of XP on the partition with partition type D7 is XP embedded. This OS facilitates the quickplay function. Later versions of HP Quickplay do not use this method.

It seems that a number of other manufacturers use the D7 partition type for similar purposes.


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